Passing ACA exams in first attempt is crucial for ICAEW trainees working in accounting firms. Most accounting firms hire university graduates who are academically inclined. I have been working as a full time ACA tutor in London for past ten years. I have observed that, almost all of the trainees, studied non-accounting degrees at their universities. When these students start study ACA certificate level papers, they are overwhelmed by a big 500 study text and question bank, which are full of complex accounting standards, numbers and formulas. And this is for just one paper, there are so many other papers as well.

They are told by their employers that they must pass their ACA exams in, maximum two attempts, otherwise, they will lose their job. Now, trainees have to work and study at the same time. Time is a scarce resource for them. ACA exams are quite challenging and most students struggle in the beginning. Their confidence is shaky, they get tensed and anxious. I have seen so many students who have graduated from top UK universities, but failed their ACA exams and eventually, lost their prestigious jobs. At certificate and professional levels, if a student fails an exam four times, that student will be barred from continuing ACA qualification.

Why you need a help from tutors?

Most students struggle where to start from? Now this is the point where our expert tutors can help you.A tutor’s job is maximise your learning withing short period of time, give you confidence, prepare and execute plan so that you can pass your exam. Most of our tutors have passed their professional accountancy exams in first attempts. We know how to plan and execute exam strategies. As an ACA student, for any exam, your focus should be on the question bank.

For passing ACA exams, I’d say, overall, 30% to 40% of your preparation time should be focused on college notes or study text. Remaining 60% to 70% time should be focused on practicing question bank. Practicing question bank will give you much more confidence. In the first lesson, we assess where student is standing in terms of preparation. Then, we plan lessons accordingly. We bring our own study resources that are very useful and effective.

Our step by step approach

We follow a step by step approach. First, we explain basic concepts, then solve some illustrative examples, followed by practice of exam level questions. Our strategies always work which is evident by the fact that 98% of our students have passed their exams in first attempt. Our objective is to effectively maximise students’ learning within a short period of time because ACA trainees are always facing times constraints. We guide students on how to practice question bank at home. After each lesson, student must revise and redo everything done during lesson. Where ever numbers come, practice becomes very important. By revising and redoing lesson within 24 hours, students will remember everything done in that lesson.

How we work?

How we work? Overall, each paper’s syllabus must be broken down into manageable blocks. Topics list will be prepared and priorities will be set. With our effective planning and execution, you will be able to pass exams. I passed all of my professional accountancy exams in first attempts. I don’t have an extraordinary IQ level nor I was a brilliant student. And, I passed all exams first time with the help of my tutors, practice of question bank, dedication, time management, effective planning and execution.

ACA exams are very challenging in terms of exam time. Practicing question bank will enable students to identify and respond to examiner’s requirements. You must attempt easier questions first and difficult questions later. You must answer effectively so that you can score maximum possible marks. Each and every single mark is important. In past ten years, we have helped hundreds of students for passing ACA exams. Our result is 98%. Those students who failed their exams prior to taking lessons from us, we helped them in matter of days to pass their exams.

Every student is different in terms of learning. College classes cannot help those students who are left behind. Although there are some self-sufficient brilliant students who pass exams on their own, for others, help of a dedicated tutor is priceless. Our professional tutors can plan lessons to develop your understanding of topics, teach according to your personal requirements, help boosting your confidence and improve your overall learning.