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Accountancy … Your Destination

If you want to pursue a career in accounting and finance, then ACCA can help you do that. You can work anywhere in the world, in any business sector, in any accounting and finance role. There are so many opportunities. Finance professionals drive businesses to success. They identify investment opportunities, arrange finance for those investments, execute business strategies and create value for the business stakeholders. That’s why, whole business world looks for the best finance professionals. So, if you are choosing a career in accounting and finance, you will be in demand. There will be so many prestigeious and lucrative work opportunities open for you. if you, as a finance professional, want to work at international level, then ACCA is the right qualification for you.

ACCA is very flexible. No matter in what industry you want to work, whether it services or manufacturing, public sector or not-for-profit, accounting and finance will be your way in. When you pass your ACCA qualification exams, you will develop skills. Those skills will turn you into a high-class professional. You’d be able to work as a team member, or may be in tactical or strategic roles – to all the way to board of directors.

ACCA is very rewarding. You will enjoy lucrative salary packages in prestigious jobs where you will have many opportunities to progress. You will have job satisfaction. While studying for ACCA qualification, you will develop communication, leadership and strategic skills in yourself. You’d be then working with variety of teams and create value for the organisation you work for, community and the wider world.


Foundations Levels

If you do not have any qualification, you can start with Foundation papers. These papers will help you clarify basic concepts and will get you ready for the applied knowledge and applied skills exams.

Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills Levels

ACCA qualification is made up of Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams. You must have passed your secondary school education. You can start with Applied Knowledge level if you do not have any relevant degree or qualification to start strategic level. You must pass Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams to reach at Strategic Professional level.

Strategic Professional Level

You can start at this level if you have a university degree that has enough exemptions by ACCA. This is the final level of ACCA qualification.

Plan your ACCA journey

ACCA qualifications are highly flexible. Therefore, depending on your previous educational background, there are so many routes available. You can study whenever you want, where ever you want. You can take exams whenever you like.

We can help with your ACCA studies

Whichever route you take for your ACCA qualifications, we have tutors available who can help. We have expert tutors who take step by step approach to explain difficult concepts and effectively prepare you for exams. Our ACCA private tutors have wealth of experience. If you are based in London, our private ACCA tutor can offer one to one lessons. Lessons can be arranged at your place or in public libraries. We also have online ACCA tutors. If you live in other parts of UK, or you just prefer online lessons, you can take services of our online ACCA tutors. They will guide you what study material to use and how to study at home. There will be lot of past exam papers practice so that you can have confidence. We have 90% plus pass rate.

Faheem Ahmad tutors Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Performance Management, UK Taxation and Financial Management exams. Faheem has been tutoring in London for past eleven years.

Owais Mirchiwala tutors online. He is expert of UK Taxation and Audit. He is running an ACCA gold approved study centre in Pakistan where many of his students have scored nationwide positions. Owais also tutors Advanced Taxation and Advanced Audit. If you need help with these papers, why not try Owais’s lesson for free. I believe you’d be highly satisfied with his tutoring.

Ahmad Shafi also tutors online. He is expert tutor for Advanced Performance Management and Advanced Financial Management. He is also based in Pakistan and his students have scored positions nationwide. Try his lesson for free and I believe … you will have great chances of passing your Professional stage exams.

Mustafa Mirchiwala also tutors ACCA online. He is an expert of International financial reporting standards. He tutors Strategic Business Reporting. He is an amazing tutor who can help you passing this cruicial exam.