How it works


If you need Accounting & Finance tuition, you can contact us on phone number 07832644896 and discuss your learning requirements. You can then email us your study material (Past exam papers, tutorials, seminar questions, lecture slides etc). It's always better to print questions before lesson because working on hard copy is much easier then looking at laptop screen. We work hard to make lessons as productive as possible. At the same time, our tutors assess students' learning pace and adjust their delivery speed accordingly. After lesson, we expect you to revise everything we did together within 24 hours. If you'd do that, you will have very good understanding of topics we did together. If you don't revise after lesson then you will forget.
During lesson, our tutors would explain concepts and solve questions. You will be given some homework as well. If you can do your homework, then you will need fewer lessons and you can save cost. Otherwise, you may need more lessons at a higher cost.